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  • No guest should be invited to the Club who would be unacceptable as a member.
  • Any violation of these policies shall subject the offending member to such discipline as the Board of Governors deems appropriate, including, but not limited to suspension of club privileges.
  • Members shall be responsible for proper conduct of guests and all charges incurred by guests.
  • Smoking is not permitted inside the clubhouse, including e-smoking products. Smoking will be allowed in designated areas provided that food service is not being served in those areas.
  • Members shall register their guests with the Golf Profession or in a guest book located in the main foyer or Grille Room. This is mandated by the State Liquor Control Commission.
  • Sale and service of alcoholic beverages shall be in accordance with federal and state regulations.
  • The Club is not responsible for personal property left by members or guests.
  • Children under 16 may be permitted in the locker rooms accompanied by an adult who is responsible for them.
  • Members and guests will not personally rebuke Race Brook employees. Comments, criticism and suggestions should be made to the Director of Operations or appropriate committee chairperson.

  • Verbal use of cell phones is only permitted in locker rooms, business center and the parking lot. Verbal use of cell phones is permitted on the patio and porch only when service of food is not being provided.
  • Cell phones must be maintained in silent or vibrate modes. Retrieval of voice messages is permitted. Cell phones and mobile devices may be used for text messages, email or internet access so long as no sound is emitted.
  • Verbal use of cell phones may be permitted on the golf course to inform the Pro Shop of slow play or in the case of a medical emergency.

  • Dress code for social events will be noted on the event communications. Gentlemen are required to remove hats, caps or visors upon entering the clubhouse except in the golf shop or locker room.
  • Appropriate jeans and denim are allowed in all of the dining venues, except as noted. Jeans are not permitted on the golf course or practice facilities.

Proper attire shall be worn on the practice range, putting green and golf course.
  • For men, collared shirts and Bermuda-length shorts are minimally acceptable attire
  • For women, golf attire normally sold in the Pro Shop including tops, pants, Bermuda-length short and skirts are considered minimally acceptable attire
  • Shirttails must be tucked in
  • Caps must be worn bill-forward.
  • Examples of inappropriate golf attire include but are not limited to: short shorts, tee shirts, undershirts, tank tops, cargo pants or shorts or jeans of any kind
  • Members are responsible for informing their guests in advance of the Club's dress code
  • The Head Golf Professional or their designee is authorized to enforce the dress code

  • Race Brook Country Club provides a practice facility for members including a putting green, a driving range, and practice green. To the extent possible, the grass portion of the driving range is made available for practice. To optimize the growth and condition of the turf on the driving range, members and their guests are required to observe the daily range schedule that may restrict play to mats only, specified hitting distances, etc.
  • Use of the practice facilities by non-golfing members or guests shall be reasonable in length and shall only be permitted prior to an invitation to play by a golfing member.
  • Practice is not permitted at any time on the 27 holes at Race Brook Country Club, including, but not limited to, the tees, greens, fairway, sand traps, bunkers, rough, or intervening property.
  • Practicing is available in three separate areas only; the putting green, the driving range, and practice green. Pitching, chipping and sand shots are permitted only toward the practice green.
  • To protect our members, guests and neighbors from errant shots on the practice range, restricted flight balls may be used. The Club provides PGA-approved restricted flight balls which are specifically designed to help safeguard our club without sacrificing the compression, weight and feel of the ball.
  • Members and guests must strictly observe approved hitting distances on the range. Signage is posted with approved hitting distances. Balls are not permitted to be hit above the 4" yellow band installed at the midpoint of the golf netting.

  • Golf carts must be kept on cart paths and in no case should they come within twenty-five yards of the green.
  • When carrying a bag or using a pull cart, do not place the bag or cart on the greens or aprons
  • Fix all ball marks on the greens, replace divots in fairways and rough and rake all sand traps.
  • Use supplied divot mix to fill in fairway divots.
  • The area between the second green and the pond should not be used as a path for walking or for carts.
  • The Superintendent shall from time to time place certain areas under restriction. Appropriate signs, stakes or ropes will mark such areas.

  • All members are required to use a golf cart on weekends and holidays prior to 11:00am and Tuesday through Friday between the hours of 10:00am and 2:00pm from April 1st – October 31st on the Championship course.
  • Walking and using pull carts is permitted without charge except when golf carts are required.
  • All charges for carts will be placed on the member’s DA account.
  • Members are responsible for any damage done to carts caused by them.
  • Carts will not be used in an electrical storm.
  • Children under 16 are not allowed to operate carts, although they may ride in carts with an adult as long as no more than two people occupy the cart at any time.
  • Members who wish to have their cart flagged due to a physical handicap must submit their request to the Board of Governors.
  • Only two people may ride in a cart at one time. Operators must observe course signs and restricted areas at all times.
  • When crossing fairways, the 90 degree rule applies.
  • Do not tow pull carts behind a golf cart. Keep feet and clubs inside the cart.
  • When crossing Race Brook Road look both ways. Do not assume cars will stop as required.

Race Brook has a course alert severe storm warning system. If a potentially hazardous weather system threatens the area, a computer activated course alert siren will sound.
  • When the alert signal goes off, players must immediately leave the golf course and practice areas and seek shelter inside the clubhouse, storm shelter or Half way House.
  • Players may return to the golf course or practice areas only when the all clear signal has sounded.
  • The course alert system is not an absolute protection against hazardous conditions. If weather conditions suggest a hazardous condition, take appropriate actions to secure your safety.
  • Failure to adhere to the Club’s lightning policy can result in suspension of playing privileges.