Guest Information

Welcome to Race Brook Country Club. As a courtesy for our members and guests, Race Brook Country Club maintains strict apparel and cell phone policies.


Proper attire shall be worn on the practice range, putting green and golf course. For men, collared shirts and Bermuda-length shorts are minimally acceptable attire. For women, golf attire normally sold in the Pro Shop including tops, pants, Bermuda-length shorts and skirts are considered minimally acceptable attire. Shirttails must be tucked in. Caps must be worn bill-forward. Examples of inappropriate golf attire include: short shorts, tee shirts, undershirts, tank tops, dungarees, cargo pants or shorts, designer jeans, jeans and denim. Members are responsible for informing their guests in advance of the club's dress code. The Head Golf Professional or their designee is authorized to enforce the dress code.

Formal attire, including tie and jacket, may be required for certain social events. This will be noted on such event communications. Gentlemen are required to wear jackets to dinner on Saturday evening except in the Grille Room or outdoor dining. Gentlemen are required to remove hats, caps or visors upon entering the clubhouse except in the Pro Shop and locker room. Informal attire, when appropriate, shall meet or exceed the dress code outlined for golfers under Golf. Golf shoes are permitted in the lower level of the clubhouse only. Dungarees, designer jeans, jeans or denim are not permitted at the club.

Members are responsible for informing their guests in advance of the club's dress code. Members should not place the staff in the uncomfortable position to having to ask members or guests to leave due to ignorance of, or disregard for, dress code rules designed to ensure a pleasant atmosphere for the greatest number of members and their guests.

Cell Phone Usage

As a courtesy to our members and thier guests, and to provide a more pleasant, social atmosphere at our club, the following policy regarding the usage of cellular phones and mobile communication devices. This policy includes the use of Smartphones, IPhones, PDA's and other mobile communication devices

  • Except as set forth below, the use of cell phones on club property is prohibited.
  • Cell phones, including alerts and notifications, must be maintained in silent or vibrate mode at all times.
  • Cell phone use including verbal communication by the user is only permitted in:
    • Locker rooms,
    • Business Center,
    • Parking areas and driveway.
  • For the courtesy and consideration of others, a quiet voice shall be used when speaking on a cell phone.
  • Retrieval of voice messages is not permitted except in areas listed in #3 above.
  • With discretion and consideration to others, cell phones may be used for text messages, email, or internet access at the club so long as no sound is emitted.
  • Verbal use of cell phones may be used on the golf course to inform the Golf Shop of slow pace of play or a medical emergency.
  • Provided all members of the group agree to its use, non-verbal (silent), discreet use of cell phones is allowed on the golf course so long as there is no adverse effect on pace of play.
  • Non-verbal (silent), discreet use of cell phones is allowed on the practice facilities provided there is no adverse effect on the enjoyment of the practice facilities by others.
  • Laptops or tablets are not permitted on the golf course or practice facilities.
  • The Board of Governors has expressly given authority to all club staff to advise any member if they are not observing these policies and to report such incidents to the House Committee.